Monday, 17 October 2016

Waste-to-Cash: Residents decry heaps of refuse in Kaduna metropolis

Residents of Kaduna have appealed to the state government and relevant agencies to clear the heaps of refuse on major streets across the state.

The state government in partnership with ZL Global Alliance recently launched “Waste To Cash’’ project where residents exchange a kilogramme of waste for one naira to improve waste management in Kaduna metropolis.

A survey  however, showed that in spite of the initiative, refuse heaps had continued to pile in major streets with no sign of evacuation.
Notable areas with heaps of waste include Gwari Avenue, Marhaba road, Ungwan Pama, which were completely blocked by refuse.

Some residents in separate interviews decried the ugly situation, adding that the development could expose them to contagious diseases.

Mr James Duniya said that families were no longer safe from malaria, cholera and diarrhoea attacks as the vectors breed on the refuse heaps.
“It is an eye sore and not only endangers our health, but equally makes our streets susceptible to accident, as motorists find it difficult to ply the roads.

“One of the heaps is very close to Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Barnawa, the government needs to do something urgently about it,” he said.

Another resident, Mrs Paulina Samuel in Sabon Tasha, said the refuse heaps had seriously affected free movement of people and traffic on major roads.
“Pedestrians are now competing with motorists for space on the middle of the roads due to refuse heaps that had accumulated on the sidewalks, particularly along Marhaba Street in Ungwan Sunday,’’ she said.
Ibrahim Mai-Nasara, a resident of Gwari Avenue, blamed the development on people’s attitude, for preferring to dump refuse on the road instead of designated containers.
“The state government is doing its best but residents are doing nothing to complement government’s effort.

“The contractors are working tirelessly to evacuate the waste, but the inhuman attitude of the residents has made evacuation difficult,’’ he said.

He called on the government to station security agents along such streets to discourage indiscriminate dumping of refuse by residents.

Speaking on the development, the State Director of Environment, Mr Caleb Gurza, said the report had reached the ministry and that it was being addressed.

He lamented the residents’ attitude towards proper refuse disposal and accused them of sabotaging government’s efforts at attaining a clean environment.

Gurza, however, appealed to residents to utilise the refuse dumping sites in order to ensure a clean and hygienic environment