Monday, 6 June 2016

English teacher jailed for 25 years over child sex abuse

A British court on Monday sentenced 30-year-old Richard Huckle to 25 years in prison for what it described as ``horrifying child sex abuse''.

He was convicted in London of the sexual abuse of dozens of children while he worked as an English teacher in Malaysia.

The prosecutors said the court heard that Huckle, who pleaded guilty to 71 offences, had used his position as a teacher since 2005, to befriend families in Malaysia and gain access to the children he abused.

Anthony Hill of the Crown Prosecution Service, said those abused included one who was just six months old.

He said that he filmed some of the abuse and sold material through paedophile forums on "dark web" internet sites, prosecutors said.

"It is hard to put into words the sheer depravity of this case.

Hill said that for almost nine years, Huckle subjected not less than 23 children, some of them very young, to the most horrifying abuse imaginable.
Credit :dpa/NAN