Tuesday, 12 June 2018

2019 -Why they are after Dino Melaye

Dino Melaye  has always been a controversial character in the political struggle of Nigeria over the years.
Before the, 2015 general elections. He led an assault party of political gladiators that orchestrated the early exit of the then incumbent president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
           If we can all flash our minds back to during the fuel subsidy and shortages of petroleum products. Dino Meleya rode a bicycle from his mansion in Maitama, to National Assembly Complex were he granted an exclusive interview to the media telling them that because of the scarcity he could not find fuel to fuel his car and had no other alternative than to use a bicycle.
He further stated that the government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has failed the people and should be voted out of office in up- coming election 2015.
     However, as event onfolds;  and as the APC  clinch victory in 2015 general elections and took over power from PDP, Dino Meleya became a voice in the senate and most trusted loyalist of the senate president , Dr. Sen. Bukola Saraki who controls the National assembly  and a potent force to be reckoned in the struggle for political relevance in Nigeria.
      Moreover, in the course of Dino enjoying his new political fortunes; he did step on other people toe who are loyalist visa-vis allies to the president. For example Dino Melaye spearheaded the intimidation of the custom boss Rtd. col. Hammid Ali on the issue of whether or not to wear uniform in 2017. He also condemned the confirmation of Mr Magu as EFCC chairman, stating that Magu has failed integrity test. Twice Mr Magu was nominated for confirmation and twice he was humiliated on the floor of the senate.
    Furthermore, Sen. Dino Melaye  also lead a heated debate indicting the Inspector Genaral Police, Ibrahim Idris for Abuse of office by his constant refusal to honor  the invitation of the senate . We should also remember that Melaye exposed Babachir Lawal the disgraced former SGF and supplied all the documents that nailed him.In another occasion , Sen. Melaye led a delegation of senator a solidarity support for his master , The senate President when he was been tried for corruption when the senate are in plenary  a move many stake holders sees as unethical and lacking moral justification.
    Basically; the sudden twist of events could be depicted when the enmity or hostilities between {GYB] Governor Yahaya Bello and (SDM ) Senator Dino Melaye could not be nipped in the bud any longer. There was accusations and counter- accusations from both parties. At a point in time last year Dino Melaye  accused his Governor( GYB) of attempting to assassinate him  and also paying up to the tune of 5 five billion Naira in a failed move to recall him from the senate, a mandate given to him by his people.
        As the battle for superiority rages on ; Dino Maleye was declared wanted by the police on 28th march 2018 while he was on the floor of the senate performing his constitutional responsibilities. The statement was signed by Kogi State Police Commissioner, Ali Janga and distributed by Force Headquarters Abuja. The Police accused Sen. Melaye of supplying  prohibited arms to murder suspects, who allegedly implicated him , two principal suspects Kabiru Seidu AKA (Osama), Nuhu Salisu AKA (Small) and other six accomplice suspects who were charged for the unlawful possession of fire arms. The case was filled at the Federal High court, Lokoja, but on the day the case was to be heard, the suspects escaped from police custody which led to the adjournment of the case to 10th of May 2018 for police to produce the suspects in court.  That same day, from the floor of the senate,  Sen.  Dino Melaye issued a stern warning, according to a transcript of Wednesday proceedings provided on              the senate ,s Twitter handle, ‘’ I will  sue the IGP for intimidation ,abuse of power, harassment and mental assault , if the 2 two suspect are not produced dead or alive”
    Subsequently, the police rose to the task by re-arresting the escapee suspects with Sen. Dino Melaye inclusive. He was later granted bail by  an Abuja Magistrate court  running into millions and was re-arrested by the police for the second time where police lied that he attempted to jump down from a Police moving Van; Melaye said police used chemical substance on him that triggered his Asthma, that ugly move landed him at the National Hospital for 25days. No politician in the history of Nigeria has been molested,maltreated and arraigned on stretcher like Dino Melaye.
     For every Nigerian to get a clearer picture of the true story; we should ask ourselves some vital questions; what is this power play between the Legislature and the executive all about? What important secrets does Sen. Dino Meleya hold in view of 2019 ?.   Is it that the( APC ) All Progressive Congress is beginning to split into tribal, religious, ethnic and socio-cultural lines?. You will agree with me that there are more questions that needs to answered!
      In-conclusion, when we wanted to know what advice Sen. Dino Melaye has for his party and government of President Muhamadu Buhari, here is what he said and I quote “You never change a country by fighting the existing reality you meet on ground , To change a country : Build a new model ,that will make the existing model obsolete, stop accusation and start building”
 The senate has officially confirmed that Sen. Dino Maleye Has returned to Red Chambers after a brutal encounter with the police and his controversial nature, said “I am back and I have not bowed my head down to the enemies of true democracy” He further stated through his face-book account that “Evil will never prevail over good and I will always speak out against tyranny, politics of oppression and blackmail.   Before I obstruct my pen from bleeding more ink just like the politics Nigerian bleeding , I will leave you with the words of Sen. Dino Maleye “  If you speak the truth you will die, if you speak lie you die; I choose to speak the truth and die”.
By Agbo Frank