Saturday, 12 May 2018



Come with me to Abakpa
The birthplace of Chukuma Kaduna
Where I first heard of Ahmadu Doka
We can pray Zuhr at Sultan Bello
The breeding ground where Gumi mentored
I'll take you by the hand to Gidan Arewa
I'll show you the room where Sardauna was killed

And after you cry and shade your tears
I'll kiss your forehead
I'll take you to the museum
I'll show you the Nok mouthed terracotta
And the Maƙoƙo basket of Gwarawa

Before the sun gets tired and closes her eyes
We'll head North to Zaria of Jafaru
We'll branch first at Wusasa
To see the historic St Bartholomew Church
The raising place of Yakubu Gowon
We may spend a night on Kufena Hill

And when the Sun opens her eyes
I'll take you to GANUWA, the Fortress of Amina
We'll trot on it from Kofan Kibau to Kofan Doka
Before we enter the city
The birth place of Rilwanu Lukmanu

I'll take you to Jushi
I'll show you the Prison
Where Sarki Aminu worked
And Sardauna was sentenced to

After you wonder and reflect on it
We'll then go to Fada
We'll sit at the historic Kafen Daudu
And take a selfie with Abubakar Ladan

Before the sun closes her eyes again
I'll take you to Kongo where ABU began
I'll walk you to Gyallesu
Where El-zakzayi resided
We'll sit on the Bank of River Kubanni
We'll reconstruct the scene of 1930s
How Abubakar Imam and Robert East
Sat and came up with Magana Jari Ce

I'll find a canoe
We'll across the river
Into Chindit Barracks
Where D'banj found his feet
Up to Sabon Gari
Where Gambo Sawaba rests on

After everything is said
After all is done
I'll take you South to Kafanchan
I'll take you to Maitsirga Waterfall
We'll bend back our heads up to see it fall
And after our necks ache
We'll climb the Kagoro Hills
From where we'll sight
Jaba, the host of the Nok culture

And when we get tired
We'll eat white yam at Jere
Sip ginger juice at Kachia, the home of ginger
And pass our night at Kajuru Castle

This is our land, this is our Kaduna
They call it North, we call it home
                        The End!

© Sani Ammani