Thursday, 2 February 2017

Wife, 30, seeks court’s dissolution of 10-year-old marriage

A housewife, Mrs Aina Idowu, 30,  on Thursday approached an Ado-Ekiti, Customary Court to seek the dissolution of her 10-year-old marriage to her husband, Sodiq Idowu.

The petitioner said she was seeking the dissolution on the grounds of frequent fighting, lack of care for the children, lack of affection and lack of respect for her –laws by Sodiq.

The mother of three also told the court that the respondent was fond of starving and beating her whenever she denied him sex.

Aina, a hairdresser, told the court that her husband had told her in the past to pack out of his house because he was tired of her attitude.

She told the court that the respondent had failed to cater for her and her three children by not providing food for them.

She appealed to the court to dissolve her 10-year-old marriage to the respondent to enable her have a peace of mind.

However, the respondent, Mr Sodiq Idowu, 35, denied all the allegations levelled against him by the petitioner.

Sodiq, a carpenter by profession, told the court that he was always taking good care of his children’s welfare and education.

He alleged that the petitioner was fond of wearing seductive clothes and each time he queried her, she would pick quarrel with him.

The respondent who claimed to be an Alfa told the court that the petitioner started wearing seductive clothes since she opened a hairdressing saloon.

Sodiq told the court that his wife packed her belongings and their children ‎from her matrimonial home to her home town in Kogi without his knowledge.

He said this was contrary to her claims that he sent her packing from her matrimonial home.

The respondent appealed to the court to give him more time for both of them to resolve the issue amicably.

The President of the Court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, after hearing from both parties advised them to go home and resolve their issue.

She, therefore, adjourned the case to Feb.22, when the couple was expected to report back on developments reached.