Friday, 16 December 2016

Lagos-based MMM ‘billionaire’ who lavished cash on wedding got brand new SUV from guiders

As apprehension over the fate of millions of participants in the Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox or MMM mounts in Nigeria after accounts were frozen, information emerged that some individuals might have become far richer than anyone can expect.

Some, it was learnt, have been made millionaires by the platform, but in the case of few others like one of MMM’s top men, Chuddy Ugorji, the gain may have run into billions.

Ugorji, who is the number one guider on the platform, has been the subject of different speculations, some of which claimed he might have made more than N1bn over the last one year.

 Social media pictures of him on luxury boat rides or at luxury spots might have a lot to do with his new found wealth.

On the MMM website, Ugorji shared his testimonies showing that he got millions of naira from people who had “provided help” to him.

A screenshot even showed that Ugorji got up to N6m at a point.

MMM runs in a peer to peer donation system, in which you “provide help” by donating money to another participant and “get help” by requesting for money after some days with a 30 per cent increase in the initial donation made.

Ugorji was said to have joined MMM’s global platform in 2015 and has been its spirited promoter in Nigeria ever since.

There is no doubt that since becoming MMM’s top man, life has not been the same for the Imo State indigene, who describes himself as an online entrepreneur and businessman on his Facebook account.
When MMM collapsed in South Africa, the administrators also blamed it on the panic orchestrated by untrusting media in the country. In fact, they accused the media of “persecuting” the platform.